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Kyungmin Sophia Son: Navigating Posthuman Landscapes


Feb 1, 2024


Eden S


Kyungmin Sophia Son is a Korean visual artist. Graduating from Goldsmiths College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2014, followed by a Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in 2017. From an early focus on fashion in South Korea to a wide range of explorations in a variety of mediums including painting, short films, performance and installation, she continues to innovate in her artistic practice

Sophia's process introduces a complex contrast that not only introduces new readings into the materiality of the work, but also resists notions of order, anthropocentricity, and hierarchy. Her absorbent sponges, protecting pockets, and translucent tear drops combine disparate aspects from her many sources (bio-politics, mythology, non-living material) into one balanced circuit system. This allows the viewer to relate to the works’ inherently human qualities of fragility and vulnerability. However, it’s her ruptures of these harmonious relationships that extend symptoms of the post-human and bring us back to the threat of unpredictable outcomes.

Sophia's work is deeply influenced by her experiences in London, where the cultural diversity and the geographical advantage of being able to travel around Europe have opened up numerous experimental opportunities. She finds working with people from different backgrounds and varied ideas fascinating and considers museums, galleries, streets, and landscapes as excellent learning materials.

Having a background in fashion design, Sophia uses an assortment of curtain tiebacks, safety pins, and beads in her art, which are usually associated with crafting accessories. These materials, while non-functional in her work, serve as metaphorical objects, creating a new visual language and generating a conversation among viewers.

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