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"At a Moment Like This" Group Exhibition

Brooklyn, NY

Artists Living Room NYC

About At a Moment Like This Exhibition

The exhibition will create a unique moment, inviting viewers to anonymously write down their comments about the exhibited works on-site. At a moment like this, artists' genuine expression will directly meet different viewers' current feelings towards the works. We will have a moment like this, whether resonating or not -- it will be a moment of communication, a unique gift. 

Artists who are interested in joining a moment like this are welcomed to submit their works for the exhibition.


1. Professional artists (not registered in any degree program) are welcome to submit for the exhibition.

2. Paintings and drawings created in the past one year are welcomed. They must be no larger than 20 inches in the longest side and ready to hang. 

3. Artists must be able to deliver and pick-up the selected works in- person at our Brooklyn location. 

The open call is free to apply, and all sales go to the artists. 

Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the exhibition.

*If you have problems accessing the online form, feel free to contact Thank you!


Application Deadline: June 10, 2024

Notification of Results: June 20, 2024

The exhibition will take place at the beginning of July. Artists must be able to deliver and pick-up the selected works in- person at our Brooklyn location. 

About Artists Living Room

Artist Living Room is founded by artist Nuo in 2021.

Nuo opens and shares her living and studio spaces in Guangzhou, China, and Brooklyn, New York City to the public in form of exhibitions and art saloons from time to time.

Artists Living Room has become a new unconventional art hub for many artists, especially contemporary jewelers, and art lovers. Artists Living Room has succeeded in bringing audiences and artists closer and have more in-depth exchanges of ideas with each other.

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