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Léa Mestres: Sculpting Light and Joy in Design


Feb 1, 2024


Eden S


Pioneering French artist and designer Léa Mestres has distinguished herself in the design world with her vibrant, sculptural lamps that elegantly blend functionality with artistry. Based in Vernon, Giverny, her work is influenced by her vibrant personality and the richness of the culture that surrounds her, creating pieces that challenge traditional design narratives. Choosing to stray from the traditionally male-dominated field of design, Mestre began her quest to infuse her work with a lighthearted atmosphere and color that reflected a uniquely feminine energy and perspective.

Among her design collections, "Craving for Crepi" is Mestre's innovative masterpiece. The collection showcases her mastery of sculpting Styrofoam into fanciful shapes, which are later encased in a unique plaster mixture that breathes life into her designs. The entire process, from sketching to the tactile experience of sculpting, emphasizes the importance of the physical act of creation, giving each piece a uniquely personal stamp.

Mestres' approach to design is also evident in her playful manipulation of scale and her whimsical naming conventions. By challenging conventional proportions and anthropomorphizing her lamps with names of women, often inspired by friends’ grandmothers, she infuses her creations with personality and a sense of community. This approach not only challenges the observer's perceptions but also builds a narrative around each piece, making them characters in their own right.

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